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__PTCG Resources Are Go!
__After what feels like a millenia, the resource wiki is go! From the start you
__should all be able to find a specific era, grab the resources you need and
__be able to create anything your mind can come up with.
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__Join Us!
__test ...[test]
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__test ...[test]
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__GX Ultra Shiny Resources!
__Newly revealed Shiny cards are appearing in Japan this week. Boasting the
__largest set ever and including many shiny varients, resources for GX Ultra
__Shiny are appearing ...more after the jump.
NewsBox TagTeam2.png
__Tag Team's Announced!
__Recently announced Tag Team cards unleash GX team up's with huge HP
__pools, 3 Prize Card ruling and more! See the templates and various other
__resources here. more
NewsBox SMBlanksComplete1.png
__SM Templates Complete!
__After months of clone stamp madness (shakes fist!), the templates are
__complete. As the SM era is still active, expect these specific templates to
__change/or be added to, so ...find them here archive
Upcoming LostThunder.png Lost Thunder
235 Cards.
Blazing Volcano Deck.
Stormcaller Deck.

Upcoming DragonMajesty.png Dragon Majesty
78 Cards.
No Theme Decks.

Upcoming CelestialStorm.png Celestial Storm
183 Cards.
Leaf Charge Deck.
Hydro Fury Deck.

Upcoming ForbiddenLight.png Forbidden Light
146 Cards.
Tropical Takedown Deck.
Twilight Rogue Deck.

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Welcome to our little part of the world! PokemonCardResources is a group specifically created for fake card creations.

General things you might see here are : blank packs, single uploads, pre-made card designs, official copies, resized (small and large) images, holosheets, symbols, type icons and much, much more.

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